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Collected Memories and Thoughts

My favorite memory of Frog is when he would come down to the shop, light a cigarette and tell us a crazy story of when he was forced to invent something because the show was going to open in 2 hours and the exact tool or gear that they needed was stuck in a blizzard in New York and Goddamn if they were not going to go up on time without it! Clears his throat...


We are here to carry on Frogs dream! Supporting the Arts with knowledge, experience, and compassion! Without the Arts the world grows dim! We believe in the Light! Going onward and upward is our new motto! Thanks Frog for devoting your life and teaching so many of us about magic!


Through him, my parents, and others, I got myself started in the theatre career field. this goes all the way back to when he did lighting for my grandpa John back in the beginning of Oasis at the State Fairpark. he always had the best stories to tell and loved telling them. he was tough as nails and that was an understatement. finally, my favorite memories growing up was always the fact that he would give my family the opportunity to go to Lagoon for the company party or tickets to Bees Baseball games.


Frog was a strong leader, insightful teacher and loving presence. Still is.


1996 Utah Arts Festival. I was an aspiring young lighting designer, still in high school and looking at my first year in college. I had volunteered for the arts festival staff, and was welcomed as a proper member of the crew, I hung lights and helped focus. Mind you I was a 17 year old kid, but Frog just made me feel welcome. And afterwards he sat me down and we talked about my hopes and dreams as a technician, he took me seriously, gave me good advice and my first beer. A fine man.

-chris cheeney

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